Empty lots abound in the city, some abandoned by time and their owners, others waiting for the next financial push. These spaces while empty, are sores to the community and even the ecology around it.

Plants are usually thought of as a way to make permanent good change in communities around the city. However, precisely the word permanent is what can throw many key stakeholders off, city officials, real estate developpers or even non profits into building a garden.

Why not propose a semi temporary garden, that can provide all benefits of a garden, including ecological services, public programming, food harvesting and beautification, but it can leave at a moments notice.

There are many groups researching inflatable robotics link, modular living structures for space travel. link lightweight nomadic lifestyles

This is an experiment in resilient gardening, collapsible soft infrastructure and lightweight agriculture.

The inflatable Air Planters provide everything needed for plants to survive in the hardest climates and with the least amount of maintenance.